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In the past, there weren’t so many sizes to choose. It’s either the small, medium or large. But fashion becomes more sophisticated over time and now the classic handbags are downsized in mini’s and nano’s or expanded to extra large and XXL. Meet the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag, it’s one of the trending classic handbags right now. This Sac de Jour is huge, which is a new style for the Fall Winter 2017 Collection.

For this season, Saint Laurent reshaped their beloved classic handbag. You’ve never seen the Sac de Jour Bag so big. It has been stretched in length. Now imagine the size differences; the medium Sac de Jour Bag is measured 14’ x 11’ x 7’ (W x H x D) inches. The new extra large is measured 17.6’ x 11.3’ x 7.5’ (W x H x D) inches. It’s bigger in all fronts.

The bag is ideal for numerous of occasions; imagine that you need an oversized handbag, not a normal duffle bag for the gym, but a chic one. This Sac de Jour Bag has it all – it has the size, the timeless look (it actually competes against the Hermes Birkin and Kelly), the details like the lock and above all, spacious interior.

Made with a tubular handles for tote carry, but it also comes with compression straps and chains that can be removed or adjusted to your comfort. It also comes with a chic lock and tag with embossed signature inscription.

Made from calfskin and shiny crackled leather, the interior is designed with 1 central compartment to store all your essentials and more like your laptop. You can also find a zip closure and 1 slot pocket inside. The bottom is crafted with leather feet.

Measuring 17.6’ x 11.3’ x 7.6’ inches, priced at $2990 USD, €2450 euro, £2,090 GBP, $4390 CAD, $22500 HKD, $3940 AUD, ¥355320 JPY via Saint Laurent boutiques.




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Louis Vuitton New Bags – Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Collection – A Homage To Japanese Culture

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The Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Collection is the fashion God’s love of Japan coming to life. Nicolas Ghesquière designed this set of Louis Vuitton new bags with only one thing in mind: japanese art and culture. Never have the flavors of Japan ever colored a range of bags in a captivating manner as Ghesquière’s. And we could not be more jubilant! It is no secret that the master designer is in love with the Japanese culture. It is only fitting that he would dedicate an entire fashion range of Louis Vuitton bags to the mystical island.

On a first look, you would only see a wonderful medley of colors and patterns. But those with an eye for fashion and style would not fail to recognize the wonderful style. It is an unusual, yet captivating charm weaved into these bags. The great fashion house unveiled the Louis Vuitton new bags at Miho museum, an hour’s drive from Tokyo. The collection features the typical Japanese themes such as Samurais, Manga, Kabuki, Obi belts. And, of course, the enchanting Japanese landscape. All were designed by the much-beloved Kansaï Yamamoto, with whom the Louis Vuitton designer has partnered up with.

Here are a few highlights of the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 Runway

  • Louis Vuitton Speedy bags that almost entirely discarded the traditional LV Monogram canvas

Louis Vuitton New Bags - Cruise 2018 - Speedy

If you know your handbags, you would be familiar with the traditional design of Louis Vuitton Speedy bags. That means sparse designs against a canvas of LV Monograms. There were a few Louis Vuitton speedy bags that sported this conventional pattern with Japanese-themed designs. Other bags had completely discarded tradition and done more bold, vivid Japanese patterns. The darker, sober colors of LV were seen to be replaced by the more bold colors of Japan.

  • Peeping eyes bags

Louis Vuitton New Bags - Cruise-2018 - Peeping Eyes Bags

This was a stunning new addition to Louis Vuitton’s collections. Yamamoto took a very bold step in adding a pair of huge eyes, peeping form the flaps of the bags. Peeping eyes bags include all kinds of handbags – Speedy bags, Petite Malle Cases, crossbodies and so on. The peeping eyes are characteristic of Japanese drama, which involves exaggerated eye-gestures. The addition of such unusually big eyes was a show-stopper. Perhaps it might have been used in this manner for the first time.

  • Japanese lanterns-inspired Bucket Bags

Louis Vuitton New Bags - Cruise-2018 - Bucket Bags

Nothing reflected Ghesquière’s passion for Japan as much as the Louis Vuitton Bucket Bags. These Louis Vuitton Bucket Bags are designed base on traditional Japanese lanterns, and designed with sober Japanese patterns. One of the Louis Vuitton Bucket Bags also stuck to tradition and sported the conventional LV Monogram canvas.

  • Tradition was not entirely eschewed

Louis Vuitton New Bags - Cruise 2018 - Monogram Bags

How could LV leave behind entirely the typical, chocolate-brown LV Monogram canvas? This is the pattern that is the hallmark of Louis Vuitton bags. The Louis Vuitton new bags range also has plenty of bags, designed as per tradition. The LV Monogram canvas features on every type of bag. That means all the classics: Petite Malle Cases, Speedy Bags, Hat Box Bags, Hobo Bags and so on.

All in all, the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Collection is a daring new reinvention. This is generally expected from an all new bag collection. Chanel and Dior’s had stunning presentations of their captivating designs. After these Louis Vuitton had to do something to outdo expectations. Besides, it was a fitting tribute to the culture and history of Japan. As Ghesquière himself said, “Every cruise collection is a discovery and it’s a game of integrating the culture of the country we are visiting with a point of view that is very French and Parisian.”

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Top model Romee Strijd graces the June 2017 cover of Vogue Netherlands. Photographed by Jan Welters, the blonde beauty poses at the beach wearing a knit sweater. In the accompanying spread, Romee models relaxed ensembles styled by Martien Mellema. The face of Michael Kors shines in a mix of casual tees, oversized jumpsuits and lightweight dresses.

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Best Classic Must-Have Louis Vuitton Handbags

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Louis Vuitton has been a classic name in the luxury handbag industry since its inception over 150 years ago. The brand has developed and produced some of the most successful and sought-after handbags and other fashion accessories in the history of the world. When you buy some Louis Vuitton handbags, you know that you are buying them for life.

The Best Classic Must-Have Louis Vuitton Handbags

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bags

A Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag is a tote bag that comes in three different sizes. And also a wide range of colors for the buyer to choose from. The iconic bag has been on the market for over a decade now. And in numerous countries the bag has become one of the brand’s highest-selling bags of all time. The bag is available in both canvas and leather, and it is most famous for its classic monogram canvas design. The other designs include Damier Ebene canvas, Epi leather, and Damier Azure canvas. The most recent models of the Neverfull come with a detachable clutch purse that can be used as a standalone purse. The bag’s interior is anything unlike some classic Louis Vuitton handbags and its clear distinction from some of the brand’s legendary markers has played a huge role in its success.

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bags Are Great

Unlike the Neverfull, the Louis Vuitton Speedy is a style of bag that is popularly associated with the legendary French brand. The Speedy has been on the market for over 80 years and it comes in four different sizes. Ideal as either a formal or casual bag, one of the latest versions of the Speedy comes with a classy detachable handle. The monogram canvas is probably the most popular version of the Speedy. This simple yet elegant bag is perfect for nearly any occasion.

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag

Louis Vuitton Alma Bags Look Awesome

The Alma is yet another iconic model, having been produced since 1930. The Alma comes in numerous types of colors and it has a slew of different sizes. The bag is smaller than most other Louis Vuitton models and the smallest model is incredibly tiny. The Alma comprises a rectangular base with a curved top that tapers in. The leather model is the best style as it looks incredibly chic in a patent leather finish. This elegant showstopper is perfect for use on a daily basis. And the tiniest size of the bag comes with a lengthy detachable handle that is super easy to hold.

Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag

Louis Vuitton Capucines Bags Look Great

The Louis Vuitton Capucines is an absolutely stunning model that is renowned for its unique and versatile flap closure. The bag is renowned for its signature Monogram and LV flower details. And the craftsmanship on this bag is particularly stunning. One of the newest models in the Louis Vuitton lineup, the Capucines contains a moderately rigid top handle that is attached by jewel-like rings. The bag has two inside compartments, one of which is flat and the other is zippered, and an additional inside flap. This is one of the more pricier models from the Louis Vuitton handbags. The Capucines is available in special materials such as exotic leather, fur, and tweed.

Louis Vuitton Favorite

Louis Vuitton Favorite Is A Practical Classic Bag

The Louis Vuitton Favorite is a small, chic, and fashionable handbag. It is one of the most stylistic small handbags in the market. This bag also comes with a removable and exquisitely designed leather strap and golden color chain. Hence, it can easily be carried by hand and is most suitable for a casual occasion. The interior of the bag has an immaculate burgundy lining and a nice flat pocket. The Favorite is one of the most popular Louis Vuitton handbags in the globe today. It comes in three different types of canvas designs.

What do you think, girls? Which one is your favorite from Louis Vuitton handbags?

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Zara unveils fall-winter 2017 campaignZara unveils fall-winter 2017 campaign

Spanish fashion brand Zara reunites with photographer Steven Meisel once again for its fall-winter 2017 campaign. Rising stars including Vittoria Ceretti, Faretta, Grace Elizabeth, Lex Herl and Aira Ferreira appear in the sleek images. Styled by Karl Templer, the campaign spotlights tailored outerwear including trench coats, knit sweaters and suit jackets. Fabien Baronworked on art direction for the shoot.


Steven Meisel photographs Zara's fall-winter 2017 campaignSteven Meisel photographs Zara's fall-winter 2017 campaignVittoria Ceretti wears a leather trench coat in Zara's fall-winter 2017 campaignVittoria Ceretti wears a leather trench coat in Zara's fall-winter 2017 campaignLex Herl models fur coat in Zara's fall-winter 2017 campaignLex Herl models fur coat in Zara's fall-winter 2017 campaignGrace Elizabeth models luxe knitwear in Zara’s fall-winter 2017 campaignGrace Elizabeth models luxe knitwear in Zara’s fall-winter 2017 campaignGrace Elizabeth poses in checkered prints for Zara's fall-winter 2017 campaignGrace Elizabeth poses in checkered prints for Zara's fall-winter 2017 campaignModel Grace Elizabeth poses in closeup shot for Zara’s fall-winter 2017 campaignModel Grace Elizabeth poses in closeup shot for Zara’s fall-winter 2017 campaignAn image from Zara's fall-winter 2017 campaignAn image from Zara's fall-winter 2017 campaign

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See The Very Sophisticated Celine New Bags – Fall 2017 Collection

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There is a lot to be said about a bag that requires you to do a lot of homework before you can actually go out and buy it. Celine is one of the few bag designers that strictly do not sell their work online. If you want one, you have to go out to a store and pick it up yourself. If you want to see the collection of the season, you need to get the look book. You are not going to be able to simply browse pictures online and add to cart. That makes Celine an exclusive bag that not many people can get their hands on. If you can’t afford buying one of the original, don’t worry. Keep an eye on the best replica sites and get yourself a great Celine replica bag.

Let’s See Some Of The Gorgeous Celine New Bags – Fall 2017 Collection

The 2017 fall collection from Celine is a massive one. In fact, it is the largest collection that we’ve seen the elusive bag maker release in one season. This year, they even come with a set price tag. Here are a few that we found interesting. There are classic designs as well as Celine new bags in this year’s catalog.

Celine Soft Cube Bag

Celine Soft Cube Bag Is Gorgeous

The Soft Cube is a lasting design from the designer that is a pleaser. This year, it comes back in several variations. Called the Celine Small Soft Cabas Phantom Tote this year, it comes in over 6 variants with the price ranging from $1,600 to $3050. The leather and finish are impeccable and the Soft Cube Bag’s familiar, yet unique shape and feel make it a winner.

Celine Belt Bag

Celine Belt Bag - A Very Serious Bag

The belt bag is a design classic. The belt looped in front of the bag is an unmistakable little design flourish that gives the bag serious character and gives it a bit of spunk to an otherwise serious and practical creation. Available in 11 variants, the prices range between $2,250 and $3,300.

Celine Box Bag

Celine Box Bag Demands A Closer Look

Another crowd pleaser, the box bag is a neatly packaged bag that is subtle yet embodies a certain boldness in design. The design by itself is basic and neat. There are no flashy. Loud lines or accents hanging off the bag. It looks almost formal, even boring, till you understand that it carries its look with a certain level of sophistication. The Box Bag does not scream for attention, it demands a closer look. The Fall 2017 collection comes in 13 variants, costing a cool $4500 to $6500 depending on the materials used.

Celine Compact Trotteur Bag

Celine Compact Trotteur Bag Looks Great

Celine is known worldwide, or at least for those who know of the brand as one that creates lasting designs. A lot of their designs are long lasting and often recreated in late years. They follow the simple, ‘if it ain’t broke’ school of thought when it comes to design. Like a car design that defines the company itself, there are certain shapes and looks that define Celine. The Celine Compact Trotteur Bag is one of them. The Fall 2017 collection obviously has a line up of the bag, this time in two variants coming in at $2,200 a piece. If you think Celine, this is the design that is likely pop up in your head. For that reason alone, it takes a spot on the list.

Celine Phantom Bag

Celine Phantom Bag Looks Great

As the name suggests, the bag is really subdued and is not at all showy. It is a neat tote that is large enough to carry a small dog in along with your other groceries, not that we suggest you carry groceries in a Celine, but you get the idea. It works as both a fashion accessory as well as a practical daily driver. Prices range from $1850 to $3250.

What do you think, girls? Aren’t these bags simply gorgeous? I can’t take my eyes of them!

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