Zara Unveils a Dreamy Fall 2016 Ad Campaign


Zara has often treated us to dreamlike, ethereal fashion campaigns with boho-chic influences, which often leave those who enjoy fashion photography speechless. For the Zara fall/winter 2016-2017 collection, the Spanish brand has unveiled its dreamiest ad campaign ever, which features both jaw-dropping backgrounds and some of the most talented models of the moment – Caitie Greene, Frederikke Sofie, Julia Banas, and Damaris Goddrie.

Zara Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Campaign

Captured by photographer Mario Sorrenti, the Zara fall 2016 fashion campaign features both the collection’s funkiest, more Saturday night-approved proposals and country and boho-chic looks, with sequins and floral patterns juxtaposed with the wild, naturalistic scene. In the open air and at times even at the club, the models have a blast surrounded by autumnal falling leaves, majestic white horses and crystalline rivers, figuratively embodying the upcoming autumnal spirit and what looks like a parallel world full of magic woods.

Styled by Francesca Burns and with hair and makeup done by James Pecis and Aaron de May, for this fall 2016 campaign Zara chose to translate this pure and uncontaminated setting to a more au naturel look, whether the models are dancing or chilling in what looks like a small, custom-made fairy pirogue.

Zara Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Campaign

Zara Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Campaign

While those who are depicted dancing show off some of Zara’s (by now) signature pieces – Sixties-inspired sequined frocks, those who are immersing themselves in nature channel the collection’s most sophisticated and delicate proposals inspired by major fall 2016 runway trends, which include pieces hedged into the Victorian style, as well as more urban-inspired looks with Vichy prints and pointed boots.

Warm sweaters, long trench coats and short jackets with fur trimmings will instantly wrap up anyone with a sense of coziness when browsing through the pictures, while the flared tunic dresses and the lace, lingerie-inspired pieces will make fans of theSeventies and/or the Nineties rejoice.

Zara Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Campaign

Along with its Zara Woman ad campaign, the Spanish retailer has also unveiled the brand new Zara TRF fall/winter 2016-2017 collection, which features its signature and always much-appreciated strong street style attitude. For the forthcoming seasons, Zara TRF focuses on an edgier urban-chic style, which mixes timeless staples such as varsity jackets with more modern, sleek skirts with dramatic front slits. Peplum cuts got then alternated with more conventionally elegant, sharp cuts, used to refine both the single- and double-breasted coats, as well as the cropped billowy trousers.

Hyper-cool, at times even slightly Mod-inspired, the Zara TRF fall 2016 collection features button-down shirts and V-neckline sweaters with contrasting hems, which just basically always look good on anyone. In the campaign, we can clearly spot distinctive Vetements and Balenciaga inspirations, as well as styles influenced by other major fashion designers’ fall collections.

Zara TRF Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Campaign

As for those who prefer the Nineties to the Sixties, the collection presents some Matrix-inspired long, black coats too, not to mention the gauzy, airy pieces. If you are specifically searching for the perfect ‘kid from the Nineties’ style, we recommend having a look at the shredded jeans and, if you like to dare, the oversized, acid green, faux furry coat is exactly for you! It won’t let you down!

Zara TRF Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Campaign

Zara TRF Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Campaign

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Hermes Weathers the Luxury Storm… For Now

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After the recent attacks in France and the wild currency swings following Brexit (read: Buying Bags after Brexit and Brexit and the Asian Market), expectations for the luxury industry are at an all-time low. But it’s not all doom and gloom, especially if you’re already the king of the hill. Global luxury leader Hermes just released their financials for the first half of 2016, and while many expected the industry to be a bloodbath, the company seems to be on solid ground. Second-quarter revenue was up 6.2 percent to 1.25 billion euros ($1.4 billion).

Sales were up 8.1% in the first half (excluding currency shifts), crushing analyst estimates of 5.6%. Nimble foreign exchange hedging lifted operating margin in the period by 1% and the stock is up over 3% on the news (as reported by Bloomberg). 

While demand for Birkin’s and Kelly’s still remains high, the biggest reason for the strong numbers is the performance of the leather goods and saddlery division. Accounting for almost half of the company’s revenue, leather sales rose a staggering 17% in the quarter, beating expectations of 13%.

To capitalize on this increased demand, CEO Axel Dumas noted that the company plans to increase production of leather goods. This is especially interesting given that competitors like Burberry are in the process of paring down their leather offerings. While other companies may have over saturated the market with their diverse accessories offerings, Hermes has held steady, allowing them to lean on leather in a tough market. While the company still doesn’t think it’ll hit 8% growth for the year, it’s in much better shape than experts thought and perfectly positioned to capture more market share from its struggling competitors. We’ll continue to watch this space.

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Zara Burned after Pinching Emerging Artist’s Work


Oh Zara! We had hoped for so much more from you! Zara is facing backlash after an Indie artist posted pictures showing the clear similarities between her work and the Spanish company’s designs.

Tuesday Bassen Zara Knock Off

On Tuesday, L.A. based artist Tuesday Bassen released an Instagram picture with quite the caption finally acting on the host of notifications she had received from loyal fans and followers:

“Over the past year, @Zara has been copying my artwork (thanks to all that have tipped me off—it’s been a lot of you). I had my lawyer contact Zara and they literally said I have no base because I’m an indie artist and they’re a major corporation and that not enough people even know about me for it to matter. I plan to further press charges, but even to have a lawyer get this LETTER has cost me $2k so far… It sucks and it’s super disheartening to have to spend basically all of my money, just to defend what is legally mine… EDIT: Some of you are asking how you can help. Repost and tag them, on Twitter, on Insta, on Facebook. I don’t want to have to burden any of you with the financial strain that comes with lawsuits.”

Bassen’s Instagram post includes a screen cap of the correspondence her lawyer received back from his very expensive enquiry. Having mulled over the notifications received from her fans and followers, Bassen decided to speak out against the brand and its treatment of emerging creatives like her. Upon having her lawyer contact the brand, they were met with a (just slightly) condescending reply.

Zara’s lawyers commented that, “The lack of distinctiveness of your client’s purported designs makes it very hard to see how a significant part of the population anywhere would associate the signs with Tuesday Bassen. This is our firm view, and being fully aware of the 3rd party notifications that you have brought to our attention. In this last regard, please note that such notifications amount to a handful of complaints only; when it is borne in mind that millions of users worldwide visit the respective websites monthly (Zara: 98,000.000 average monthly visits last year, Bershka: 15.000.000 average monthly visits last year), the figures clearly put those few notifications into sharp perspective.”

Tuesday Bassen Zara Knock Off

It’s no secret that huge clothing corporations have been burned many times after copying work from emerging artists; but to what extent? Seeing Zara’s name on the list was by no means unexpected – small independent artists like Crywolf Clothing, Big Bud Press, Coucou Suzette and many more have fallen victim to their less that scrupulous ways. Zara and associated companies Pull & Bear, Stradivarius andBershka have all been recorded assimilating other artist’s designs into their clothing without any prior permission.

The fashion giant’s history with this sort of things is long and sordid, and most recent faux pas has been something of a media fanfare. After a number of emerging artists came out of the woodwork to support Bassen’s claim, the story has gained an impressive amount of traction; covered by news outlets across the world. Stories of the fiasco have been posted on Refinery29, The Guardian, Nylon Magazine, Buzzfeed and many, many more besides.

This insane media coverage prompted a statement from Inditex, parent company of Zara, to Refinery29. The international Spanish clothing company acknowledged that its stores had utilized externally sourced artwork on some of its pieces and stressed its respect of intellectual property rights. Upon the making of this announcement, Inditex suspended sales on all suspect garments and purportedly went out of their way to have their legal team get in contact with Bassen’s barrister to arrange a solution to the situation.

This event has led us back to a serious issue – that large brands are not held accountable for transgressions such as this, and that they know it. Zara’s reply to Tuesday indicated no remorse and certainly no efforts to rectify the issue, and had she not been brave enough to push the issue, who knows when (or if) they would have addressed the issues themselves.

There are so many contributing factors to this situation, but the reality is that someone out there is actually affected by hardships like these. People like Tuesday Bassen don’t deserve to be creating fantastic original artwork, only to have it stolen and utilized by a retail giant with extensive resources and a larger reach.

Particularly given that, as stressed by Inditex in their statement to Buzzfeed, “Inditex has more than 600 designers in house that create more than 50,000 designs a year, it has the highest respect towards each individual’s creativity…”

Legal avenues need be available for these individuals, so that they can have a fair judgment without going bankrupt in the process. Going up against a retail giant is almost certainly a daunting prospect, and according Stephanie Drabik, co-owner of Crywolf, “There needs to be a stronger, communal, collective lawyer force that can help companies that don’t have as much money, don’t have as much power.”

Based in New York, designer Adam J. Kurtz created a website that compared original pieces to pieces copies by Zara and the like, and gave people the opportunity to buy from the original artist. Given the feedback they have received so far, both believe that it is important even to raise awareness surrounding the issue, so that more people have a chance to get fair treatment after an experience such as this, and I tend to agree with them on this one.

While fast fashion consumes all, and this sort of thing is beneficial for quick turnovers and fresh content, it could be time that we recenter our vision on sustainable, small and unique businesses in order to benefit individuals instead of large companies.

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PurseForum Roundup – 22

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Welcome to Friday! We hope you had a wonderful week, and we welcome you to another edition of the PurseForum Roundup. This week, some bags in Balenciaga grabbed our attention, and we also paid visits to Coach and Kate Spade, among others!


We always try to peek into the “cheating on your favorite brand” conversations across the PurseForum. Most of our designer subforums include these fun, chatty threads as a way for members to share their finds with their friends, and we never fail to find impressive goodies when our members stray. This week in Balenciaga, we found this fabulous Proenza Schouler PS1 Tiny Fringe from new_to_lv.


Also in Balenciaga, we spotted this lovely Courier in Tempete, one of our favorite colors from this brand. This super bag belongs to piosavsfan, who did a great job of showing of this nuanced color. The July/August purchases thread, where we found this beauty, is going strong, and is a great way to get to know some of the lesser-known offerings from this brand.


CoachCruiser had Coach fans turning green with envy when she revealed this delicious Chelsea in stunning forest green. Speaking of green, Loco4Coco is trying to decide between two bags in this great color, so if you have an itch to share your opinion, we have you covered right here. Coach fan Morewineplease posed a question to her Coach friends in this thread, and the topic was the Rogue. After plenty of input, she made her decision–if the Rogue is on your radar, this thread has lots of information to help you make the prefect choice.


If you are a longtime Coach lover with some older bags, we would love to see you (and your bags) in the Show us Your Patina thread. These older bags wear like iron, and it’s terrific to see them alive and well and in such great shape–for example, this one from westvillage.


We wandered into Kate Spade and found this Cobble Hill mini in Alice Blue, a bag that new Kate Spade fan jchristensen09 picked up and, with that, was hooked. If you are considering a purchase, our members have you covered in the What’s New in Outlets and Promotional Codes and Sales threads, both excellent resources if you are scouting for a bargain.


The PurseForum is so much more than purses. We also have Shoes! Beautiful, beautiful shoes. Our shoe subforum has sections dedicated to Valentino, Christian Louboutin and everything else, which can be found in the Glass Slipper. Lately, the Glass Slipper has been a gold mine of delicious shoes of all kinds, and we particularly love what we are seeing in the Aquazzura thread. Aquazurra never fails to deliver, and gatorpooh’s delightful Pom Pom sandals are but one example of why this brand is tops in our book.


Does your purse life include online auction buying or selling? Our members scour the Earth for their favorite bags, and sometimes shopping the auction sites is how they seal the deal. PurseForum is the home to a huge wealth of information on auction sites in the eBay Forum. This is the place to go if you have a dispute or shipping question, or if you need a suggestion on how to best navigate this complex world. You can get help with general questions, as well as with specific sellers or transactions. You will also find coupons and shopping intel for most brands in our Deals and Steals subforum.

Our closing photo comes to us from the Garden Photographs to Share thread, and Kendie26’s beautiful garden. Thanks Kendie26! We will be back next week for more, and in the meantime, we wish you a lovely weekend and week ahead.

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Chanel’s wallet on chain bags are selling like hot pancakes in Chanel boutiques and online stores and this Trendy CC Wallet On Chain Bag is one of the most requested. Ladies, it has never been a secret that this is latest “IT” bag from Chanel and if you still don’t own it, make sure you don’t run out of time as there’s too much competition from getting your hands on this lovely one.

Okay, so what’s the buzz about this bag? What makes it special from the rest of the WOC bags created by Chanel? Well, one thing in particular is the golden metal plate on top with Chanel’s signature on it. It’s that one distinguishing feature that sets it apart from all the others. And who doesn’t like something unique and trendy?

Did we forget to mention that it is quilted? The diamond quilting effect does justice and beauty to this wallet on chain bag, if you haven’t noticed. And oh, the interwoven chain also complemented this bag of a gem!

The Chanel Trendy CC WOC has the style code A80982, measuring 4.8’ x 7.6’ x 1.4’ inches, priced at $2400 USD, €2250 euro or $3590 SGD via Chanel boutiques.


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Freja Beha Erichsen Channels Her Effortless Side in Michael Kors Fall 2016 Campaign


Whenever a fashion house releases an ad campaign, it unveils its seasonal aesthetics only through a few pictures. Michael Kors takes the whole ‘ad campaign business’ extremely seriously. The designer just took the conceptual essence that lies behind it to a brand new level with his Michael Kors fall 2016 campaign, exclusively channeled by model Freja Beha Erichsen.

Freja Beha Erichsen in Michael Kors Fall 2016 Campaign

With her characteristic effortless side and a well-assorted model squad, the Danish model helped the pictures to better recall the collection’s carefree and strong, confident vibes the American designer had in mind while designing the ensembles.

“For the seasonal campaigns, we’re always looking to capture the mood of the season while still giving customers a subtle look into the inspiration of the collection. For Fall, it was about attitude, personal style and luxury travel but with a very cool, glamorous edge,” explained Kors.

Freja Beha Erichsen in Michael Kors Fall 2016 Campaign

The campaign’s pictures feature models Emmy Rappe, Romy Schonberger, Sven de Vries and Wouter Peelen too, captured in private jets or in helicopters flying over Manhattan. As for Freja Beha Erichsen, she is seen posing in the backseat of a vintage car, which surely adds an almost cinematographic touch to the already extremely well-balanced array of dreamy pictures. Those who have a keen eye for fashion photography may then have already guessed who the man behind the lens is: Mr. Mario Testino.

Given the fact that jocose vibes and contrasting mannish cuts overwhelm the Michael Kors fall/winter 2016-17 collection, Testino managed to skillfully translate the overall aesthetics into what the designer wants us to perceive. This is particularly clear and visible throughout the campaign, as the pictures exude an urban-chic and cosmopolitan sense of fashion that will instantly catapult us in the fanciest restaurant of New York City.

Freja Beha Erichsen in Michael Kors Fall 2016 Campaign

Erichsen’s unconventional beauty undeniably helps Testino to transfer the line-up’s strength into pictures, helping us feel self-confident whether we are wearing one of Kors’ whimsical feathery trousers or his tres chic furry coats.

“Freja’s combo of beauty, dry wit and great sense of personal style make her one of a kind. She’s a tomboy, a fashion girl and the ultimate cool girl all mixed in one.”

Michael Kors Fall 2016 Campaign

The campaign focuses on the accessory line as well, always letting either the handbags or the shoe line grab all the attention. It’s no secret the American designer is particularly strong when it comes to the accessories, as proven by the label’s increasing sales of MK handbags, as well as by the ever-growing number of people who are channeling a Michael Kors handbag down the streets.

To see the printed versions of the campaign we have to wait for the fall issues of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and France Le Figaro Paris Chic!

Michael Kors Fall 2016 Campaign

Michael Kors Fall 2016 Campaign

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