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And when you think you’ve seen it all, a brand-new Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag pops out from nowhere. Yes, it’s a new-new WOC because the shape is different, but it has the same classic look.

Last time the house created an innovative mini bag was the downsized WOC. It looked like a phone holder but its not. The design is quilted, with the interlocking CC logo on the front, just like the Classic Quilted WOC.

If you’ve considered purchasing the Classic Quilted WOC, but always thought that the size was too small, now it’s your chance to grab a distinctive version. We do not know whether this bag will be part of the classic collection, so when this season is over, we might never see it again.

The Long Classic Quilted Wallet On Chain Bag is made with diamond quilting, mini interlocking CC logo and woven leather chain strap, but with leather strap for the comfort. It has the same classic look like the Classic Flap Bag and the Classic Quilted WOC.

The major difference is the size; this bag is taller and can store much more essentials. And even tough it’s bigger, it’s still ideal to use as an evening bag. However, you cannot compare this bag to the M/L Medium Classic Flap Bag, it’s just too small.

Now let’s compare this long WOC to the Classic Quilted WOC. The Classic Quilted WOC is measured 4.8’ x 7.6’ x 1.4’ inches and the Long Classic Quilted WOC is sized 5.7’ x 6.7’ x 2.4’ inches. So here you can see that the long version is taller but not bigger in width comparing to the original Classic Quilted WOC.

Yet, this bag is gorgeous because of the timeless look. We hope it will come back every season just like all the classic designs.

The style code is A84310, measuring 5.7’ x 6.7’ x 2.4’ inches, priced at $2100 USD, €2050 euro, £1770 GBP, $3140 AUD, $16600 HKD, $3290 SGD, ¥16200 CNY, ¥251640 JPY via Chanel boutiques.

And oh, it’s also available in silver hardware.

So what do you think? Is this bag functional and is it better than the original Classic Quilted WOC? Tell us your opinion in the comments below.


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