Chanel Vintage Charm Flap Bag

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No, you’re eyes are not being deceived, what you are witnessing is a ‘vintage’ CHANEL Charm flap bag (we expect somewhere from the nineties).

In one of our previous post, we lay down detailed images of CHANEL’s most classic and historic modelsthat have contributed to the success of today’s classic bags. If you’ve haven’t read it, we recommend you do.

But anyways, if you’re a loyal Chanel lover that never cheat and a dedicated collector, you might want to add the Chanel Vintage Charm Flap bag to your wardrobe. The differentiation lies in the flap, it’s crafted in a curvy shape just like cheeks. Cute!

Made from soft quilted leather and embellished with colorful charms. This bag is not only a statement maker, but it represents a signature dose of elegance. Open it up through the turn-lock clasp and you will find an interior zip pocket inside. And just like the famous Classic Flap Bag, this one is also in leather-woven chain strap and colored in gold-tone hardware.

Measured: 6 x 10 x 2 Inch (H x L x D), for $4,900 USD/€3,700 EUR at Shopbop. Only one left.



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CHANEL Dusty Rose Charm Bag

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One more glance on the Chanel Valentine Flap Bag for 2014. The iconic Classic Flap Bag beautified with charms in heart, CC signature and Camellia. All the little-pretty-things that signifies the tradition of CHANEL. A timeless piece that separates your classic flap from the rest, a limited edition that only occurs once a year. The style code is A90214, you can find this bag in medium size for $3,800 USD or €2.690 EUR and in London for £2,110. The size is measured 10″ x 6″ x 3″ Inch. (L x H x W). How much love for this bag?

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Chanel DIY Charm

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The Chanel Valentine 2014 Flap Bag is super cute huh? You know, it’s pink and it got all these charms hanging on the interwoven chain link. Charms with CC, heart and camellia flowers, I love it.

But really, besides the colors, the Valentine Bag is a just Chanel Classic Flap Bag and its a bit more expensive because it got all these small ‘extras’ integrated. (Oh, and its a limited edition).

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What if there is a way to integrate your own ‘charms’ on your Chanel bag? Wouldn’t that make your bag a bit more personal and different than others?

Our member and friend Uxille has something to share with us, she figured out a way to personalize your Chanel Classic Flap Bag by designing and implementing your own ‘charms’ (kind-of a DIY). Oh, and she got inspired after reading one of our Vintage Chanel Charm Flap Bag post. I love her!

Here’s a step-by-step guide with vivid images to show you how its done:







And one more thing, we asked Uxille an important question: ‘How long did it took you to finish it? And where did you get the charms?’

Uxille: ‘Like 5 minutes. Mine is an old Moschino watch, so I get to have a watch with me without wearing one. Any charm bracelet will do, really’.

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