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You know those exclusive designer bags that are flexible enough to switch from summer to fall and then from spring back to summer. If you have found one that you are crazy about, then it’s a ‘must have’ even if it temporary put your wallet on fire.

The Celine Gourmette Handbag is not something new, in fact it was launched in the fall 2013 collection last year. Basically all the elements of the brand can be found in the design and craftsmanship – high quality, streamlined, simple and therefore easier to match with your wardrobe, made from the finest leather and most importantly, chic.

You could wear it with simple blue jeans together with a simple white tee during the summer. Your sunglasses are just a bonus. And when the winter is coming, the Celine Gourmette Handbag automatically adapts to your winter fur coat. Isn’t effortless?

But what I love the most is certainly the prices, unlike other designer brands, Celine bags are relatively affordable compare the quality you get. The Celine Gourmette bags are available in three different colors for the Summer 2014 Collection; Grass Green, Turquoise blue or Indigo blue. They are made from soft suede and are priced €1400 euro at your local boutique.

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