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Looking for an everyday pouch that can carry your essentials in style? Well, this Hermes Flat Finish Pouch looks promising with its eye-catching artful print – a design that will surely catch your attention.

Made from 100% printed cotton, this Hermes Flat Finish Pouch features an equestrian wearing a loose uniform with green stars on it while she is riding her horse in poise. If you’re like us who always look for the tiniest details in each and every piece, you’ll most likely notice that the sign HERMES is printed on the horse. An H emblem is also seen placed in the right portion, symbolic of the Hermes craftsmanship and artistry. This Flat Finish Pouch also boasts of a complementing color combination of Nattier Blue and H red. It also features a pull-tab zipper for easy access and for security purposes. You would also notice that the Flat Finish Pouch also features stitched edges.

With its modern and contemporary design, this Hermes pouch is an ideal go-to companion as it can hold most of your essentials such as your lipstick, mirror, and blush.

Measuring 8.3” x 11.4” and is priced $270 USD via Hermes boutiques.

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Imagine the story of this picture: It’s a nice day and you are feeling great. After a long day of shopping, you decided to take a well-deserved break at a local coffee & tea bar, to get a cold drink and a sweet waffle…together with your companion, the Hermes Maxi Box Bag.

The Hermes Maxi Box Bag was launched in 2014, it is a beautiful duffle bag with double zipper and large interior. The price for the Hermes MaxiBox Bag in size 37 and calfskin is $9950 USD.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful bag with us Thani!

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Because the Hermes Grooming Bag is not as popular as the Kelly or the Birkin Bag, you might have never heard about it. But its okay, we’re going to cover all the details here.

In French they call it the Hermes Sac De Pansage Bag – the Grooming Bag is basically the Hermes version of the Bucket Bag. It has got the traditional look featuring a basic adjustable shoulder strap made form cowhide and cotton. It’s linked to a large eyelet.

The bag is covered in Chevron Canvas with Herringbone pattern and refined with iconic Hermes Sellier Print. And surprise! The inside basket can be removed if you think that’s more convenient.

The interior has enough space to store every daily essential you need, you can bet on that. And if the model images are boring you, think again. It does look cool when you put the right outfit on. Here are some fashionista’s carrying this beauty down town.

Style code H060751CAAD, priced at $1775 USD via Hermes boutique.

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Last Week, Reality TV Stars, Supermodels and Rihanna Carried Bags from Chanel, Dior and Hermès

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Hermes is a luxurious French fashion brand that is known for its opulent and upscale fashion pieces such as bags, accessories, and ready-to-wear. Never going out of style for it always considers the needs of modern and millennial women, this French brand thought of solving a woman’s number one pet peeve: a disorganized and messy bag.

The formula created by Hermes is in Fourbi 25 but it is no ordinary bag organizer as the same is effortlessly fashionable and trendy in its “Carre en Cravates” printed silk. Its flamingo/fawn color is sure to brighten up your mood. Say goodbye to an unkempt bag (like a bomb’s hit it) with Hermes Carre en cravates insert bag.

What’s more exciting about this insert bag is that it is removable so that you can stow your things such as your essentials, make ups, smart phones, wallet and car keys before putting them all in one time inside your bag, thus making stowage a lot easier on your part. It has the following dimensions: 25 x 20 x 10 cm (L x H x D) and retails for €805 euro or £710 GBP via Hermes boutique.


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Hermès Cabacity45

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There hasn’t been a new bag for men I’ve liked from Hermès for a long time, so you’ll forgive me for being so excited about the Cabacity45. Measuring some 45 cm across by 37 cm by 18 cm, it’s actually a bag in a bag, which also means you’ll be getting two bags for the price of one.

The first is the tote, which is also the one you’re seeing in the image that’s shown above. Made of Hunter cowhide, it’s a no-nonsense bag with 2 short top handles, with buckles on each side that presumably allows one to extend its capacity, hence its name. Then there’s the other bag, the one you see with the ruched top, which is actually a drawstring leather sling that comes with its own long handle. Made of Cristobal bull calfskin, you can use it on its own, or attached to the main tote, what with its snap button closures and leather cut-outs on each side, which you can then choose to buckle through into the tote.

Finished off with palladium-plated hardware and matching metal feet, it comes embossed with the tiniest of logos on one side of the bag, which is perfect because a bag like this needs no other distraction. The one thing, however, that might stop you (and me) in our tracks is the price, which is currently at GBP5400 the last time I checked, making it about SGD11,300 after conversion, a pretty penny indeed for this stunner of a bag.

But if the price doesn’t faze you (because you know, you can use it as a carry-on, a workhorse and even a gym bag), you’ll find it in at least two colours so far, inBlack/Lead and another in H Red which is just Hermès-speak for a gorgeous shade of burgundy. Love.

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