Introducing the Fendi Karlito iPhone Case

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Fendi Karlito Phone Case

Right now Fendi is on top of the world when it comes to its bags and accessories. While some think Karl Lagerfeld likes himself a little too much, the fact remains that when Karl introduced the Fendi Karlito Bag Bug, everyone wanted one.

I have my own Fendi Karlito, which has made a few appearances on PurseBlog and shown up on our Instagram account often as well. There was no need for this charm at all, and to this day, I know that it was merely a “fun” accessory. I have yet to actually put it on any of my bags.

But even with the lack of usability for Karlito, the craze is not dying down; in fact, it is only ramping up. New items with the much-loved Karlito will be released this month, including a sweatshirt with Karlito on the front and a pair of shoes, but the item that many have their eyes set on is the Fendi Karlito iPhone Case.

This month, Fendi will debut the Fendi Karlito iPhone Case, which is made with the same silver fox and goat fur shown on the original charm, for iPhone 6. Rumor has it only 600 will be made for Fendi Pre-Fall 2015, and the price will be $600. If the love for this case is anything like the Karlito charm, there will probably be a wait list. 

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Fendi Mini Karlito for the Spring / Summer 2015 Collection

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The mini version of the Fendi Karlito Bag Charm is now available in stores. This limited edition piece retails for $1,150.00 (USD). The mini Karlito first came out in the Spring/Summer 2015 Runway show, while the original size came out for the Fall 2014 Collection. It comes in various colors like Blue, Red, Orange, Pink and Yellow.

Check out the size of the mini Karlito when attached to the bag:

Fendi Karlito Mini Bag Charms

Fendi Mini Karlito Bag Charms 1

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Fendi Mini Karlito Bag Charms 2

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Fendi Mini Karlito Bag Charms 3

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Fendi Mini Karlito Bag Charms 4

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Fendi Mini Karlito Bag Charms 5

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Fendi Karlito iPhone Case

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Not your style? Wait! Last time Fendi dropped the Karlito Key Chain on the hands of Cara Delevigne while she was walking down the runway, it was major hit. The Karlito Key Chain become so popular that there is a waiting list for it, and just to let you know, it was priced at $1,685 USD.

Equivalent to 5 x Fendi earrings, 3 x Fendi wallet or 1 x Fendi Baguette Shoulder Bag.

Now that Fendi is introducing the Karlito iPhone Case, and it’s going to retail for $600 USD, consider it to be a ‘steal’. Its worth every penny when compare it to the Karlito Key Chain. It will be a part of Fendi Fall 2015 Pre-Fall Collection.

The Fendi Karlito iPhone Case is made from silver fox and goat fur, and the case is only suitable for the newest iPhone 6.

Now what do you think? Cute and worth the investment?

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