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Longchamp Legende Club Small Bag
Size: 9.5’ x 6.25’ x 4’ inches
Price: $540 USD, €405 EUR

Longchamp is known for coming up with designs that are mostly minimalist and classic – largely timeless, and inspired by leather goods made back in the day (from equestrian gear to old trunks and baggage). Today, we’re going to take a look at one of their most popular pieces, the Legende Club Bag. You will surely love this stylish and functional baby!

The brand describes the Legende to be ‘iconic and emblematic’, as it has raised the bar in bag design since its launch in 2007. Continuous reinventions have led to what it is today, fully glossed to perfection. It comes in two sizes to choose from, so depending on your needs for space, you may want to consider one that’s appropriate for you.


The small handbag variation is packed with so much. It even has a detachable shoulder strap, giving you more options for styling. it has a zipped compartment, zipped front and pockets, two front flat pockets, and an attachment for your keys. You’ll be getting more than your pretty penny’s worth!



Longchamp Legende Club Medium Bag
Size: 9.5’ x 6.25’ x 4’ inches
Price: $675 USD, €510 EUR

On the other hand, the Medium is not one to back down – it also has an attachment for your keys, a main double zipped compartment, two zipped front pockets, and large front and back zipped pockets. An organized junkie’s dream, as they say.

You can get your very own Legende Club Bag via Longchamp e-store.


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Longchamp’s latest Collection – the Longchamp 2.0 line.

Whether you’re a businesswoman or a casual fashionista, this bag is ideal is many ways. It gat not only the size, but also the quality to help the working-lady from day to late-evening-meetings.

The bag has the right balance between professionalism and style, and your suite will need a matching companion.

The Longchamp 2.0 Bag comes in several colors, including bi-colors if you want to impress. The shape is ideal as it’s a bit boxy and it has handles as well as shoulders. You can adjust the shoulders to your comfort.

And about your laptop and documents, it all fits inside. And if you need more space because your bag is overloading, simply zip the sides open and it will expand like a puffer fish.

Because the leather is great, you will not need to worry about maintenance as you’re probably already busy and having too much things to do.

In the exterior there are 1 main compartment and 1 small flat pocket on front. The interior is featured with 3 flat pockets and 1 key attachment.

Made from Cowhide, measuring 7.45 x 7.45 x 2.25 inches, priced at $495 USD via Longchamp boutique or e-store.

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