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Sometimes there are things that are too beautiful to be true. We know how much you adore the Classic Heroine Tote Bags (assuming that you appreciate the designs of Alexander McQueen), but this ‘Padlock’ Bag is evenly gorgeous.

First of all, we sourced the choices – the fashion brand has made this bag in ‘mini’ and ‘small’ size. Depending on your needs, they are both to-die-for, allow us to explain.

The Mini Croc Embossed Mini Padlock is very cute and chic at the same time. It’s heavily loaded in terms of design… like the skull charm with crystal detail and key accents. It also comes with a luggage tag and attached with keys. The skull charms and the keys are both in golden hardware, while the croc embossed leather is in black.

And for the refinement, the brand’s logo…Alexander McQueen has been printed on the top of the bag. The Alexander McQueen Croc Embossed Mini Padlock Bag is measured 8.25’ x 6’ x 4.5’ (W x H x D), priced at $1565 USD via Forward by Elyse Walker.




Pick the bigger size if you need more space, you will not be able to carry that many essentials for the mini version. Meet the Alexander McQueen Croc Embossed Small Padlock Bag, it has the same DNA as its little brother version, even the charm is in the same size, which looks smaller because this bag is larger. It also features a luggage tag and the Alexander McQueen logo on the top.


The Alexander McQueen Croc Embossed Small Padlock Bag is measured 12’ x 9’ x 7’ (L x H x W), priced at $1410 USD

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Balenciaga Padlock Nude Marble Tote Bag Reference Guide

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Introducing the Balenciaga Padlock Nude Bag. This bag is the minimalist version of the Padlock Bag, it has the same features except without the front flap pocket. The Padlock Nude Bag has top handles and includes a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. It has a zipped top and a lined interior with zipped and slot pockets. The bag also features buckle details at the sides. It includes a detachable framed mirror which is very common in Balenciaga handbags. It also has four metallic feet at base for protection.


The Padlock Nude Bag was first introduced with an embossed Balenciaga logo at front for Spring/Summer 2015. For a limited time the name plate will include a Marble Print Logo. Available in three styles, Work S, Work XS and Mini All Afternoon.

Padlock Nude Work S




Balenciaga Padlock Nude Work S Bag (with Marble Print Logo) $2,455.00 (USD) 9.5” H x 15” W x 5.5” D
Balenciaga with Snakeskin Handles Padlock Nude Work S Bag $2,395.00 (USD)

Padlock Nude Work XS




Balenciaga Padlock Nude Work XS Bag (with Marble Print Logo) $2,235.00 (USD) 8.5” H x 13” W x 5.1” D
Balenciaga with Stingray Handles Padlock Nude Work XS Bag $2,395.00 (USD)
Balenciaga with Snakeskin Handles Padlock Nude Work XS Bag $2,195.00 (USD)

Padlock Nude Mini All Afternoon




Balenciaga Padlock Nude Mini All Afternoon Bag (with Marble Print Logo) $1,485.00 (USD) 10.1” H x 8” W x 4.1” D
Balenciaga with Snakeskin Handles Padlock Nude Mini All Afternoon Bag $1,465.00 (USD)

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Balenciaga Padlock Work S Bag

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Every beautiful morning I wake up and my phone is always somewhere within hand’s reach. Somehow it has become a common behavior to quickly check my messages, am I alone on this world? Probably not, phones have become a necessity and no morning is too early to be notice about a brand-new bag or a new release. At least you are up-to-date about fashion and you are prepared mentally for the next shopping spree. Let it be productive.

Balenciaga turned around their classics by introducing the new Maillon collection, but what we didn’t expect is that the Padlock bag has been re-designed. An ambush for anyone who has just bought the previous version. The new ones are far more superior in style and sharper in quality. Shaped in horizontal, put together with impeccable smooth and calfskin leather, with removable shoulder strap inherited from the classic city bag. The padlock has one large space with an interior zip pocket crafted. Because it’s unstructured, you never feel it’s overstuffed.

For now, your new Balenciaga crave is only made in black and rouge, both with golden hardware. You can get it for €1.595 or $2,350 USD at Balenciaga. More classics, more choices, more fun.


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Kristen Stewart Wearing Chanel Padlock in Elle September 2014 Issue

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On the cover of the upcoming Elle US September 2014 cover is none other than Kristen Stewart wearing the Chanel Fall / Winter 2014 padlock necklace.  The editorial is photographed by Michael Thompson and features Kristen posing in the same backdrop as the infamous Chanel runway show at the supermarket.  Kristen appeared on the lastParis-Dallas Metiers campaign for Pre-fall 2014 so its no wonder she’s dressed clad in the upcoming Fall / Winter 2014 items.  She’s also photographed with the Chanel Pink ‘Lait de Coco’ clutch bag.  The magazine will hit newsstands nationwide on August 19, 2014.


Kristen Stewart carrying Chanel Lait de Coco ClutchKristen Stewart Elle Sept 2014 with Chanel PadlockKristen Stewart in Chanel SupermarketKristen Stewart Elle Sept 2014 with Chanel Padlock

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