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Black Chloe Drew Pouch
Size: 12cm x 16cm x 5cm (L x W x D)
Price: $259.02 USD or €238 EUR

Chloe Drew Pouches are up and about this season again! If you’re a huge follower of the Drew line of bags and leather goods, you’ll know that it is one of the most coveted in the fashion scene. It isn’t so hard to believe, though – the designs are super fabulous. This time, allow us to show you how Chloe gets it done:




The black Chloe Drew Pouch gives you more room for your essentials! This chic neutral lambskin is a must in your collection.


Red Chloe Drew Pouch
Size: 12cm x 9cm x 4cm (L x W x D)
Price: $264.45 USD or €218 EUR

This pretty red lambskin stunner is up for grabs now! This piece features a top zip fastening, gold-tone hardware and an embossed internal logo stamp, which means style points for us.


Blue Chloe Drew Pouch
Size: 11cm x 9cm x 4cm (L x W x D)
Price: $264.45 USD or €218 EUR

This blue variation is a highly versatile one – and that cool pop of color is really useful for wardrobe upgrades!


Grey Chloe Drew Pouch
Size: 6.5” x 4.5” x 1.75” inches(L x W x D)
Price: $255 USD

If you’re not much of a dark neutral kind of gal, then this grey Drew pouch would work just fine for you. We love how the gold-tone hardware seems to meld with the piece’s beautiful exterior. Just breathtaking.

You can get your very own Drew pouch via Farfetch and Ssense.

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I wouldn’t mind if it comes with a chain or a strap. It’s squared but with edges well designed. All sort of colors are available and you can get a headache just by thinking about which one you want.

The Boy Chanel Quilted Pouches…

They’re in small and medium size, but you can easily take them both. The top is featured with the famous Boy Clasp in a nice ruthenium color. Quilted from the top to back, exactly how a Chanel obsessed want it.

These pouches are one of those…heavenly accessories that can make you smile all day long. It can be opened with a top zipper, just remember that its flap and there is limited space. You do not want to store it with too-heavy items.

Just look at it this way; it’s made to flaunt.

Perfect for work, maybe you want to store your documents. Or other little items for the evenings. Both are made from lambskin, here are the full details:

Small Boy Chanel Quilted Pouch
Size: 6’ x 10.1’ x 0.9’ inches
Price: €765 euro

Medium Boy Chanel Quilted Pouch
Size: 7.9’ x 10.9’ x 0.4’ inches
Price: €1150 euro



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Chanel Feminine Pouches

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It was the main topic of the Spring Summer 2015 Runway. Women in action, protesting at the end of the show, we seen clutches with words like…

‘Sans femmes, plus d’hommes’ (without woman, no more men)

Woman’s rights are more than all right

Or Ladies first.

Make it clear of who you are, communicate that through a Chanel Pouch Bag. Presenting the Chanel Feminine Pouches.

There are two choices: either take it in black (which is ideal for all occasions) or if you want it to spark and read, take it in crispy gold. Carry these pouches in special events, to standout and radiate some feminine attitude.

The words read on these pouches are:

Votez Coco

Feministe Mais Feminine

Je Ne Suis Pas En Solde (I am not for sale)

The black leather is made from calfskin and comes with a hand strap. The golden version is crafted from lambskin and also comes with a hand strap.

Chanel Small Feminine Pouch
Style code: A82166
Size: 6.9 x 9.3 x 0.6 inches
Price: $1410 SGD

Chanel Medium Feminine Pouch
Style code: A82165
Size: 7.9 x 10.8 x 0.6 inches
Price: $1600 SGD

Chanel Large Feminine Pouch
Style code: A82164
Size: 10 x 14.6 x 0.6 inches
Price: $1960 SGD







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