Prada Robot Limited Edition Capsule Collection

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You all know I love my cute. If I see anything cute I’m a definite goner, which often comes with the same tragic end result as far as I’m concerned: a no-questions-asked easy surrender of my credit card to the gleaming hand-rubbing SA. And with Prada’s new limited edition capsule line-up simply known as the Robot collection (Edward, does anyone here remember Edward!), the end result, as far as my finances are concerned, look pretty bleak.

Comprised of bags (backpacks, shoulder slings, totes big and small) in denim, nylon and leather (yes, there’s truly something cute for everyone here) to SLGs like long wallets and adorable little zip pouch charms, it’s basically Edward on crack, with his robot friends positioned right, front and centre on every single piece that’s perfect for the young and young at heart.


Priced from SGD660 and up (SGD660 for the zip pouch charm, SGD1220 for the long wallets, all of which are shown above), the cutest of all little denim totes shown here is priced at SGD1900. Which while frankly isn’t that cheap, but when you factor in the amount of leather and hardware pieces sewn onto it to complete the bag, it does make sense. Besides, who can say no to a face like that, right?

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Prada Miu Miu 2016 spring and summer series of single products

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Prada & Miu Miu 2016 spring and summer series source of inspiration: Prada women’s 2016 spring and summer series is designed to show is “post-classical style”, for men and women appeared in the classic works of the past re-depth analysis, through considerable restructuring and layering of elements use a variety of lightweight fabrics, trying to tell a “story about the memories.”

Prada men’s 2016 spring and summer series inspired by “post-naive doctrine”, “post-industrial”, “after the popular doctrine,” the three concepts, trying to explore a new balance between the various opposition elements, thus to create a simple but soft silhouette and highly visual impact of the works.

Miu Miu 2016 spring and summer series by a variety of lightweight fabric and punk rebel elements fun recombinant expression of rational escape from the daily life of deep longing.

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Prada Saffiano Mini Galleria Bag

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In the world fashion, there is a fixed rule – everything that’s once large, must go small. And everything that’s small must go mini. This is like a law, there’s no other way around it.

So when Louis Vuitton first launched the Capucines Tote Bag, you could have predicted that the Capucines BB tote is coming. It was just a matter of time.

And so when DIOR launched the Be Dior Flap Bag, it was just a matter of time that they would introduce the mini Be Dior Bag.

And now back to Prada, can you remember the Galleria Bag, released in November 2013 – a gorgeous tote bag with a front flap and extra large closure. Well, here’s the mini version of it.

The Prada Mini Galleria Bag is different than the large version – it’s a beautiful, boxy tote in a cute size. Crafted from patent saffiano leather, it’s a lovely bag if you’re looking for durability with style.

It comes in different sweet colors like Celeste Blue, Red and even in Black if you love to go safe. Made with golden hardware and rolled tote handles, the brand’s triangle logo is crafted on the bag’s front.

In the interior you can find a zip and open pocket to store all your essentials. There is also a zip compartments in the frame front and back. It’s simple yet sophisticated, measuring 4.75’ x 6.5’ x 3.25’ (H x W x D) inches.


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Prada Resort 2016 Ad Campaign featuring Inside Tote Bag

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Prada’s Resort 2016 Ad Campaign stars Lexi Boling, Meghan Collison, Ina Jensen, Lineisy Montero, Julia Nobis and Greta Varlese. The models were shot by Steven Meisel in colorful apparel and accessories from the Resort 2016 Collection. The brand’s latest bags were also featured in the campaign including the Grommet Vitello Daino Chain Shoulder Bag and Printed Inside Tote Bag.

The Prada Resort 2016 Bag Collection is now available for pre-order at Neiman Marcus.

Prada Resort 2016 Ad Campaign 1

Prada Resort 2016 Ad Campaign 2

Prada Resort 2016 Ad Campaign 3

Source: Prada

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Two days ago, we’ve featured the Prada Saffiano Top Handle Bag – a pretty piece, if you’d ask us. And we know that you’re giddy for more, so your wish is our command. We’re giving you a closer look at this precious bag…which is enough to make you consider such a purchase. We know that there are die-hard Prada gals in the house, and we can’t blame them – the luxury house is a winner when it comes to whipping-up some serious leather goodies.

READ: Prada Saffiano Top Handle Bag

This sturdy piece is a double top handle packed with so much room for your stuff – inside, it even has a three pockets, which include one with a zipper. Plus points for the compartments, Prada! The office diva would surely love this!

Aside from the double top handle, it has a leather strap which allows you to wear in on your shoulders, or as a crossbody. Style shifts have never been this good.

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