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Watch out for Chloe because the next iconic handbag might be just around the corner. After the introduction of the Drew and Faye Bag, this designer brand shouldn’t be taken lightly. Presenting the Resort 2017 Runway Bag Collection, which consists of new accessories for the next season. Let us now grab our wish list and add a few handbags to it.


Have you watched the fashion news lately? Chloe has just introduced the Nile Bag and it’s trending with rapid speed. The large loop remains the important piece for constructing this fresh handbag. The loop design is also featured on the Drew and Faye Bag. The Nile Bag however, has the loop made as a handle to carry it as a tote bag. But it also comes with a large shoulder strap to sling it cross body or on your shoulder. With its curvy and lady-like design, this bag is set to conquer every woman’s heart.


It’s extremely tiny and can be carried by two fingers. What is this? Meet the latest baby bag that resemble to the Nile Bag. It’s also crafted with small gold hardware handles and it also comes with long shoulder strap to carry on your shoulder or cross body. The round shape makes it a cute handbag for the day but also for the evening. And the sort style? How about casual-chic?








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Hello, ladies! Today, we are going to do a run-through of Dior’s Resort 2016 Collection, which will be out in stores soon. Dior is known for giving us some of the most eclectic and funky pieces to date, and with this collection, we are invited to take a peek out into the (yet again) extraordinary designs the luxury goods authority has to offer.



Oh-la-la, what do we have here? Patched bucket bags in fabulous chains! Nothing says ‘summer diva’ than a bag with chunky, gold hardware…or some bold, majestic fabric (with an Oriental-inspired touch) for that matter. Although, we equally love both!


If you’re more of the Parisian chic kind, this black variation with a fancy Dior scarf may be your best bet. Perfect for casual affairs, or even while running errands – in style, of course.


I guess this fancy Diorissimo with cute patches would make you the center of attention as you strut and get it on. Paradise in a bag…literally! Would this be your next new favorite?


This wallet is set to take you places you’ve never dreamed of. If you’ve noticed, Dior is all about the funky patches and patterns over block colors for this collection.


Beaded artistry and fancy metalwork is something you have to contend with. What do you think about this new design? Is this something you would want to have?


Not all that glitters is gold. Metallic, fancy prints, a chunky chain and some dangling trinkets (which surprisingly, does not offset the whole thing) – so much going on in such a quaint handbag. A great statement piece you could have.

We’ve reached the end of our preview, ladies! Dior Resort 2016 promises great arm candies with attitude – something we should all watch out for. Tune in for more updates about this collection, (and other bags) soon!

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Out with the old and in with the new! This season, Balenciaga, one of the leading authorities in fashion, takes the industry by storm – in pastel, neutrals and daring textures. Back to basics meets edgy couture, this could be your best bet yet.

The Balenciaga Resort 2016 Bag Collection is to die for – with ready to wear pieces that come in equally streamlined and highly wearable forms.

Aside from the classic leather top handle (which has long been a mainstay in every woman’s wardrobe), the collection also features a work of art – the 3D Textured Shopping Tote. The bag is featured in this year’s Resort 2016 Bag Collection, and is set to raise the bar and elevate the standard of arm candy architecture.

The said piece is made of neutral leather belts, creatively woven together to create the bag of your dreams. This piece of art is self-explanatory – Balenciaga-approved, it is made to exceed expectations and start a design revolution. Drool-worthy, indeed.


Another one to watch out for! The classic leather and Raphia cloth top handle bag that is made to floor all bag enthusiasts. The combination of the dainty white leather, gold hardware and rugged fabric gives you a distinct taste of the unexpected. It could give you some awesome fashion leverage, a step above the rest.





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Hold on what you’re doing right now. We have a small announcement to make… and it’s about the Resort 2015 Bag Collection.

We know, we just showed you the Fall 2015 Collection, isn’t it too early?

Uh no, it’s always a good things to be ahead of the curve in the fashion world. But anyways, a new bag will be released. It’s as futuristic as it can be – designed with sharp edges in a unique shape.

It’s tiny flap bag, ladies… with a long chain.



And be prepared as it comes in beautiful white color but also in exotic green python leather to steal your heart. It’s elegant and timeless, featuring a new front-clasp too.

More details will be shared when we get more information. Stay tuned!







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Valentino Resort 2016’s Bags Take Cues from the American West

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There is nothing more beautiful than a Louis Vuitton show. Truly! Nicolas Ghesquiere certainly managed to dazzles all with his latest in collections for the most storied of fashion houses that has always been one of the best known and most coveted in the fashion industry. The Louis Vuitton resort 2016 collection has been released for all those who have begun planning for their vacations half a year from now. There was such anticipation in the air and our lovely newcomer certainly did not disappoint. Ghesquiere took it all with grace and gave us a line-up that has us envisioning ourselves atop the cruise line, arms spread wide, Titanic style, though without the tragic ending… we hope!

Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 Collection

The Louis Vuitton cruise 2016 fashion show took place at the Bob and Dolores Hope Estate in Palm Springs on Wednesday night and it was incredible to view. A balance must always be struck between high concept and commercial savvy, something, which Ghesquiere has managed to do beautifully. According to the chairman and chief executive of LVMH group Bernard Arnault, “Nicolas responded to the architecture and the incredible sight. You have the desert and incredible view. When you are here, you think extraordinary travel.” It appears the house itself has been sold though so with a heavy heart Arnault states that this may be the last time a show would be staged there. The views from the house are magnificent, celebrity Michelle Williams commenting that she feels like she’s on a lunar landing or another planet.

The architecture of the house is certainly what got the designer going on the collection itself, incorporating the concrete and steel into the clothing was no easy feat, while the refinement sparkles throughout the line-up. The sweet and the hard combined to create the resort 2016 collection. The trend had been set for the A-line, the miniskirts put into motion about 14 months ago. Now, he’s turned to the maxi skirts on desert boots and has paired them with crop tops with criss-crossed leather belts. He seems to like the midriff exposure as well. Printed and quilted silk appeared among the fabrics used, particularly on housecoats. We particularly liked the chain prints on the clothing, the leather crossings giving the models a Viking meets modern world look. Stripes and zips were a common enough theme, while the trousers appear to be flowy and light in weight, loose against the legs and loosing pretty awesome.

Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 Collection

Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 Collection

Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 Collection

Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 Collection

Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 Collection

While some of these dresses really caught our attention, we might want to change around those shoes as they bring a little too much sporty into the elegant looks. Those criss-crossing belts also created cut outs along the sides of the outfits before the pants fell to the floor. Bomber jackets and flip flops also appear, while the trend of matching the handbag to the clothing pieces was very much alive. The colors seem to focus heavily on the whites and the blacks, while blues and greens certainly made their appearances. We have to admit though that while many of the garments look quite similar, we have fallen in love with the leather at the waist with the thin black belt over top, the scrunched and bound look at the shoulder and the pretty leaf-like embroidery taking over the skirt. Add to that the sheath snake dress and you have some of the best pieces in the gorgeous Louis Vuitton resort 2016 collection.

Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 Collection

Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 Collection

Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 Collection

Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 Collection

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